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Most Experienced and Qualified Divers Nationwide

TSS staff members are professionally qualified, complying and often exceeding international industry standards.

Our underwater diving and cleaning teams are highly adaptable and can be deployed on short notice in the most adverse conditions.

Limited visibility, strong sea currents, deteriorating tropical weather patterns and frequent changes to vessel cargo operations are just some of the routine challenges we face daily, all without compromising results.

Why Choose the #1 Diving Company in Thailand?

Take it from us, being on top is not easy! But through sheer resilience and a lot of dedication, our commercial diving company has worked tirelessly to achieve the moniker of the #1 diving company in Thailand.

Here’s Why:

We’re Good: Equipped with an immensely talented team, we have the capability and capacity to take on any challenge thrown at us.

We Care: We are a ‘full-service’ company, meaning we make every effort to ensure a seamless, worry-free relationship with each one of our clients, partners and vendors.

We’re Professional: We stand out against the competition as the only company nationwide to utilize official Piccard™ Brush Kart underwater cleaning systems – Only the best for your vessels! 

Our hard work and high quality have been paying off as we continue to add to an extremely satisfied client base.

 Come join them!

Thai Subsea Services – We get you back offshore FAST!

Rapid and Efficient Support

24 hour rapid and cost-effective ship servicing all over Thailand.

Our dive teams are on constant standby, waiting to serve you at a moment’s notice.

All of our commercial diving systems can be mobilized and transported to meet your vessel anywhere in the nation.Competitive Prices

We guarantee low prices. We will match and beat all like quotations for any subsea jobs – guaranteed.

For even greater savings book our complete Hull Cleaning Package our hands-down best seller. It includes immaculate underwater cleaning of your vessel’s shell plating, appendages, propeller, and sea chests as well as a detailed inspection of your vessel, all completed in a timely fashion.

Inclusive Services

All our cleanings include a complimentary subsea inspection of your ship, conducted by a certified inspection diver.

We can immediately highlight any areas of concern and provide on-the-spot solutions for our customers, bringing a higher level of service over our competitors.


Rope Guard Inspection with a High-Quality Lens

While underwater inspections can be conducted on all sorts of subsea assets from ships and ports to dams and oil & gas platforms, the purpose of all underwater inspections remains the same:  to collect the information necessary to properly evaluate the asset’s condition below the waterline.

Since sending your ship to frequent drydock is expensive and just not practical, ship owners and operators hire divers to carry out underwater inspections and surveys whilst the vessel is still afloat.


Full Gear Underwater Survey and Inspection

What is a ‘Sea Chest’?

A ‘Sea Chest’ is a recess in a ship’s hull that houses pipes to take in seawater. They are cavities built into a vessel’s hull to help increase the efficiency of pumping seawater into the internal pipework system to support the vessel’s engine cooling, ballast, and firefighting purposes. Sea chests have been identified as a major hotspot for biofouling and among the various niche areas along the hull of a vessel.


Underwater Ship Maintenance On Port.

One of the most important aspects of maritime shipment facilitation is managing ship maintenance and repairs. Buying and selling a vessel is a major investment, and it should be kept in a top-notch state during its lifespan to ensure minimal loss of value when it comes to selling it off again.  

Happy Birthday TSS!

Thai Subsea is happily celebrating our 18th month's birthday!

Thai Subsea begun with humble origins that lead to our exponential growth and success, it is a direct attestation to the hard work and unrivaled perseverance shown by everyone over this last year and a half, even more so during these challenging times. . .
It has been no easy feat to start a commercial diving company in the midst of a global pandemic, especially with the various port closures, travel restrictions, and so on. Overcoming challenges that have arisen were what we keeping doing and continue to maintain optimism, persevere, and constant communication with company managers, clients, and employees alike to ensure we are running smoothly.