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Underwater Hull Cleanings 

Thai Subsea offers underwater hull cleaning services at competitive rates. We’re Thailand’s finest hull cleaning service provider in the market.

The main purpose of underwater hull cleanings is to remove the rough and uneven surfaces of a ship’s wetted hull plating which are fouled by aquatic organisms known as ‘marine growth’.

Marine growth comes in different forms, such as hard shells like barnacles or muscles and soft species like grass, hydroids, and algae. No matter which variety your ship is fouled with, all unwanted growth will have a tremendously negative effect on the vessel’s performance.

Whilst the presence of soft, less dense growth may simply add drag to a vessel, it lays the foundation for more substantial hard growth to form and adhere itself to the ship.  Hard growth is dense and heavy, once attached to the hull it will add serious weight and drag to the ship. This increased drag results in slower travel speeds, increase fuel consumption, and higher operational costs. Furthermore, if left untreated, severe marine growth fouling may result in permanent destruction of the vessel’s anti-fouling paint coating or blockage of critical operational and navigational tools like the echo sounder, speed logs, intakes, discharges, and steering gear.

Regularly scheduled hull cleanings (we recommend every 6 months) are instrumental in maintaining vessel efficiency and are a great way to gain access to the underside of your ship. Cleanings may even be requested by Class before a subsea inspection can be carried out on your vessel to ensure none of the critical areas are missed.

Thai Subsea Services Ltd. provides optimal, cost-effective solutions for ship hull cleaning, no matter how severe the marine growth.

We are the only commercial diving company in the nation to utilize our patented Piccard Triple Head Brush-Kart™ with interchangeable brushes that suit your vessel’s needs. A loaded quiver of brushes is transported with the system to each job and a suitable combination of brushes can be selected and easily installed to the Brush Kart according to the variety and severity of the marine fouling.

Priding ourselves in providing quick and thorough hull cleanings, we always ensure maximum removal of marine growth and biofouling whilst maintaining minimal coating loss to each and every vessel.

Our units are fully mobile and speed adjustable, allowing bespoke cleaning to any hull shape. Unlike our competitors, we only use name-brand equipment with original parts, making SAFETY of your vessel and to our divers top priority.

We are committed to “Protect Your Coating,” guaranteeing immaculate underwater cleaning results and keeping antifouling to an absolute minimum.

We are part of a vast network of worldwide hull cleaning service providers and proud to ensure your smooth sailing in every corner of the globe.