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General Diving Services

Our vision

Our vision is to become market leaders in providing world-class underwater services in both in the inshore and offshore industries.

Starting with a solid foundation of great divers, our experienced team comprises of dedicated personnel coming from a variety of different backgrounds. We consider our diversity our core strength as it gives us the ability to take on any challenge and tackle any job. 

We at TSS are proud to be a ‘full-service company.’ We make every effort to ensure a seamless and worry-free between us and our clients – from start to finish. We use internationally recognized surface-supplied divers who are adaptable in any range of tasks, giving you the highest quality work at the best possible price.

Our Commercial Diving Services Include (but are not limited to):

Complete surface-supplied diving support systems

CCTV video recording suite with voice communications

Inspections with internationally certified divers

Damage profiling and assessments

Construction/ inshore services (jetties, piers, marinas, and docks)

Overboard recovery

Re-floating and salvage capabilities on a wide range and size of objects

Anchor chain/ mooring buoy installation and maintenance

Oil & Gas (SPM maintenance interventions, intakes, and outfalls, mooring integrity inspections)

Welding and Fabricating Capabilities:

Our welder-divers are fully qualified to the highest international standards. Avail our welding services in both the topside and subsea applications.

Cofferdam manufacturing and installation

Bespoke fabrication projects

Structural 6F/ 6G welding capabilities

Doubler plate affixing and leak management

Permanent and temporary repair solutions

Pipe and high-pressure vessels

Non-Destructive Testing:

 Using certified diver-technicians and certified personnel.

ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement)

Magnetic Particle Inspections (MPI)

Eddy Current for ferrous and non-ferrous material

Dye penetrant


Cathodic Protection assessments

Ultrasonic Thickness measurements

A-Scan and laminar default finding