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Exploring the Importance of Vessel Hull Coatings

Vessel hull coatings are a vital component in the maritime world. In this blog, we will dive deep into the world of hull coatings, exploring their significance, types, and the numerous advantages they bring to the maritime industry. Additionally, we will highlight the importance of proper coating assessments and inspections.

The Hull Coating’s Role

The hull of a ship is its first line of defence against the corrosive forces of the sea and hull coatings are the protective shield that keeps it intact.

Hull coatings is applicable for all vessel types and ages, with re-coating being carried out generally every fifth year (during dry dock).

With an expected price tag ranging from US$30,000 to US$500,000, this equates to a very costly paint job!

Plugging, Blanking, and Sealing

The Persistent Need for Diver Intervention

Underwater blanking in Thailand

Since modern seagoing commercial vessels are under constant pressure to keep their ships afloat and to avoid downtime and costly dry docking at all costs, performing routine maintenance and testing on a vessel’s internal plumbing often requires diver intervention.

Happy New Year! A note from the General Manager

Happy New Year!
A note from the General Manager

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As we reach the dawn of a new year, I feel it’s always a valuable exercise to take the time to look back at another year in the books.  

In fact, if we further our sights way back to the start of 2020 – the official genesis of the company – we can really gather a sense of just how much we have grown and how much we need to be thankful for.

RUDDERS – Why Are They Important?

What is a Rudder?

Low rudder with anodes

As with other types of vehicles moving through a medium, a ship relies on its rudder, and in a broader sense, its entire steering gear assembly, to navigate to its destination.

In essence, a rudder is a flat blade, mounted at the stern of a vessel behind the propeller, which redirects seawater past the vessel’s hull while in motion, thus directing the path of the ship.  

It’s a basic concept, but, as you will find in this article, its importance is quite fascinating!

Types of Cargo Ships Explained


Cargo shipping sailing around the world

This article explains a brief overview of Commercial Cargo Ships that are commonly spotted floating and sailing the world’s seas.

Ships or vessels that carries heavy goods and materials from one port to another is called cargo ship. These are also known as freighters, and thousands of them swarm the seas off the earth at any given time because they handle the major bulk of international trade services.