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RUDDERS – Why Are They Important?

What is a Rudder?

Low rudder with anodes

As with other types of vehicles moving through a medium, a ship relies on its rudder, and in a broader sense, its entire steering gear assembly, to navigate to its destination.

In essence, a rudder is a flat blade, mounted at the stern of a vessel behind the propeller, which redirects seawater past the vessel’s hull while in motion, thus directing the path of the ship.  

It’s a basic concept, but, as you will find in this article, its importance is quite fascinating!

Types of Cargo Ships Explained


Cargo shipping sailing around the world

This article explains a brief overview of Commercial Cargo Ships that are commonly spotted floating and sailing the world’s seas.

Ships or vessels that carries heavy goods and materials from one port to another is called cargo ship. These are also known as freighters, and thousands of them swarm the seas off the earth at any given time because they handle the major bulk of international trade services.

In-Water Survey: Everything You Need To Know


A ship ready for underwater inspection

No matter how carefully you use your vessel, external factors such as biofouling and harsh weather conditions can often lead to un-noticed, long-term damage. This is when in-water surveys come into play. They’re an excellent way to collect valuable and accurate information regarding your ship’s condition and seaworthiness. Here’s everything you need to know about the process: 

TSS Offshore Diving Job

TSS Goes Offshore!!


offshore diving job in Thailand

Another company milestone was set this week, as Thai Subsea Services Ltd. conducted its first offshore diving project.

Responding to an emergency callout from a longtime valued client, divers and crew onboard the M/V TSS Shepherd managed to mobilize and set sail for the Gulf of Thailand within a remarkable timeframe.




Thailand Steel Diving Boat

Thai Subsea Services Ltd. is proud to announce the arrival of our new diving boat TSS SHEPHERD.

This beautiful vessel will provide a first-class working experience for future TSS endeavors.

Effects of Incorrect Hull Cleaning Practices

Container ship in the middel of the sea

Incorrect maintenance practices and merely unprofessional ship care can turn up and cost you heaps of dollars in the long run. From potentially ruining the ecosystem (by harboring hazardous pests and marine species), a dirty hull can lead to various ship inefficiencies. If you’re new to the shipping industry or generally unaware of correct hull cleaning practices, our hull cleaning experts at Thai Subsea Services are here to help.

It’s extremely important to adopt a thorough and consistent hull cleaning program for your ships, whether they be bulk carriers, tankers, or offshore marine vessels.

In this blog, we will discuss the adverse impact of inconsistent and incorrect hull cleaning practices that can compromise your ship’s performance.