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Does your vessel need a “Niche Cleaning”?

In an effort to reduce invasive marine species into foreign waters, proof of an IMO Biofouling Management Plan may be requested by the authorities before a ship can enter certain territories. Current Australia, New Zealand, and certain ports in the USA are extremely strict on these regulations with more regions sure to follow.

A Biofouling Management Plan provides evidence that proper underwater cleaning practices have been executed, especially to the more vulnerable “niche” areas of the vessel.

What are the “Niche” areas?

As opposed to flatter surfaces like the vertical or flat hull plating, biofouling (marine growth) tends to accumulate more densely in tighter areas of complex geometries.  These “niche” areas also tend to be overlooked by other service providers as they can be hard to reach and usually out of direct line-of-sight.

What is required?

Accompanied by a thorough cleaning of the hull plating and propeller assemblies, niche areas need to be cleaned of any biofouling before entering certain ports around the world.

These areas include typical areas like sea chests, thruster gratings, appendages, turning gear, and steering gear as per normal. However, additional areas include the internal sea chest and rudder chambers, thruster assemblies, discharge pipes, rope guards, and rudder. This may require opening and entering the sea chests, thrusters tunnels, and rudder pintle doors. Correct identification, recording, removal, and reporting of all biofouling is crucial in fulfilling the necessary requirements.

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We operate in full compliance with the official cleaning standards and have gained acknowledgment of our company practices from multiple governing bodies.

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