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Shipping Profitability: Save Money with Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is common practice in the shipping industry. It not only plays a significant role in enhancing a ship’s overall efficiency but also helps companies enjoy high returns. The primary benefit of preventive ship maintenance is its ability to detect potential problems ahead of time.

In addition to corrective and predictive maintenance, prevention is the next best course of action to ensure your ship’s operational efficiency and crew’s safety. While you might think that a routine underwater inspection is all you need to prevent issues in a marine vehicle, it’s more than that. Preventive maintenance also includes correct equipment purchasing, workers’ training, scheduled maintenance, and timely repairs.

Preventive maintenance of your vessel will help you stay wary of any potential operational pitfalls before sending it out into the open sea on its next venture.

Let’s delve deeper to learn how preventive maintenance can help you reap high profits in your shipping business.

Types of Preventive Maintenance and their Importance

Preventive maintenance is a term used for the overall repair, inspection, and replacement tasks required to keep a ship up and running without any major delays. This term encompasses various sub-categories, each being equally vital to your ship’s performance. Some of the most important types of preventive maintenance include:

  • Time-based maintenance
  • Prescriptive maintenance
  • Predictive analysis

By deploying a smooth and successful preventive underwater maintenance plan your vessel will remain afloat and out of the shipyard. This automatically translates into lessened repair and replacement needs and costs, resulting in higher productivity and profits.

A ship anchored at a shipyard for maintenance

Step-by-Step Efficient Ship Preventive Maintenance

Now you might be wondering about the basic steps involved in a ship’s preventive maintenance routine. Here are some of the highly crucial tasks you must perform:

  • A thorough understanding of different parts of the ship such as transducers, hull plating, turning and steering systems, etc.
  • Reduce overheads by employing a professional ship repair, hull cleaning, and underwater inspection company such as the Thai Subsea Services.
  • Implement and upgrade to ensure efficient fuel usage to reduce the carbon footprint of your shipping practices.
  • Reduce overall downtime that results in profit losses and lost business hours.
  • Improve workers’ productivity by reducing the number of repair and replacement sessions.

Preventive maintenance is vital to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your vessel and crew.

At Thai Subsea, commercial diving contractors are adept in implementing high-tech ship monitoring tools that can swiftly detect potential issues. This mitigates high costs associated with random and unforeseen ship failures. It also reduces the chances of coating damage and subsequent corrosion, increased fuel consumption, and increased operating costs.

Successful and all-encompassing ship preventive maintenance can protect your company and its assets against emergencies, enhance crew protection and wellbeing, and extend your ships’ lifespan.

Thai Subsea Services Conducts Inspection on All Ship Types

Thai Subsea Services is approved by many international classification societies (IACS) for underwater inspections and surveys on ships and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU). These include semi-submersibles, offshore vessels, jack-up rigs, and several other ship types.

TSS guarantees outstanding underwater hull cleaning results while ensuring antifouling coating loss remains at bay. Contact them today.